2019-2020 Membership Fees*

Adult / Parent Annual Membership:     $10.00

Student Annual Membership:     $7.00

Teacher / Staff Annual Membership:     $6.00

Family (up to 4 Members) Annual Membership:     $30.00

Business Membership: (includes voting rights and access to events): $250

Benefits of a Norterra Canyon PTSA Membership!

Norterra Canyon PTSA (NCPTSA) is a group of Parents, Teachers and Students that form the Association (PTSA) with the purpose of Bridging Gaps, and Building Community

NCPTSA, a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit civic group, provides an important and direct link between Norterra Canyon School and the local business community. This link allows us
NCPTSA solicit and utilize local business sponsorship in an effort to produce events over the course of the school year. These events, funded initially by membership dues and local
sponsorship, help raise more money to provide for our school’s material needs that aren’t funded through other means. The fundraising events help us bridge the gap between needs and funding. From assisting teachers with procuring materials they need for class, to producing fun, community-based events that, in the process, raise the funds needed to be able to provide these things.

Your PTSA membership fee, as well as the time you’ll volunteer to assist with these events, or in the classroom, provides the seeds from which all of these other things grow.



  • Demonstrate the importance of education to your children through your involvement in their school’s PTSA organization.

  • Build connection to the community in which our children spend such a large portion of their time.

  • Being a part of a Network of Parents.

  • Being informed of the schools needs and the efforts being made to meet those needs.

  • Having a voice in regards to the direction of NCPTSA’s efforts as a voting member.

  • Making your child’s school as good as it can possibly be.

Other Benefits of Membership:

  • Arizona PTA Membership

  • National PTA Membership


As a member of Norterra Canyon PTSA, you also become a Member of Arizona PTA and the National PTA. There are numerous financial discounts offered to you as a paid member of
those organizations. As a Norterra Canyon PTSA Member, you may receive exclusive discounts and special offers available through local stores and restaurants and discounts at
Norterra Canyon PTSA Events. These discounts and special offers will grow as we’re able to
build our organization.

*NCPTSA Annual Memberships are from July 1 to June 30 of the year the membership paid in.