Norterra Canyon PTSA is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization, and as such, any Monetary Donation that you choose to make to help support us in our efforts, is not only GREATLY APPRECIATED, it's also Tax Deductible.

When you choose to make a donation to Norterra Canyon PTSA through our website here, you will be asked for information as part of the process that will not only make it possible for us say "Thank You" once again, it will also give us a chance to send you a receipt that will help you with that Tax Deductible part mentioned above.

We, again, so greatly appreciate your generosity.

Click Here to donate to Norterra canyon ptsa


As is the case sometimes, individuals want to donate to a cause, but don't have the financial means to contribute money. We'd kindly suggest that Volunteering Your Time, maybe your In-Kind donation of Goods or Services, or possibly you have some special Talents or Skills you'd like to offer..these are all appreciated, valuable and much needed contributions helpful in making our events successful.

If you wish to donate in such a way, please pick the appropriate button(s) below...

Thank You for your generosity.


Volunteering Your Time:

When you Click the button above, You will be directed to, where NCPTSA manages it's volunteers and events scheduling.

Please login into the Parents/Members/Students field using our Organization Code: NCPTSA

Choose the Calendar or Volunteers menu option (top right) to locate the events you wish to volunteer for. You can volunteer to help for more than one event.

Please be certain to include Email and Phone # so we can contact you about


In-Kind Donation of Goods & Services:

Many of our events have a need for Goods & Services that are offered as Door Prizes, Raffle Prizes, Auction items, etc.

Your donation of these items is not only generous, and needed to help our events succeed, they can also help inform our community here at Norterra Canyon School of your business or the services you offer. It's a Win-Win for you and for Norterra Canyon School.

It doesn't get much better than that.

Donating your Skills and Talents:

The donation of one's skills and talents, just as donating of one's time, is often something that is terribly difficult or impossible to calculate the value of.

We may have an instance where we might need a carpenter to help build carnival games, or scenery painters to help paint those games. Maybe you have a fun side-gig as a Magician and you'd like to donate your time and talents at one of our events to entertain the kids. Maybe you're a musician and you'd like to play some music and entertain during one of our Food Truck events... Who knows?? Here's where you go to donate your skills and talents.