Our neighbor’s, the merchants at The Shops at Norterra, host an annual program called “The Shops at Norterra - Earn & Learn”, that affords Norterra Canyon School the opportunity of earning money by simply saving and logging the receipts of any purchases made at Shops at Norterra stores and restaurants.

Between Aug. 1, 2016 and Mar. 31, 2017, every dollar you spend shopping, dining, enjoying services or seeing a movie at The Shops at Norterra can help raise money for a local school. Simply take a photo of your receipts or scan them and submit them online at

Your selected school earns five points for every dollar spent. Special bonus point opportunities occur throughout the year, so you’ll want to LIKE their Facebook page to be informed of those opportunities:  

The more points your school receives, the bigger the cash grant they will receive from The Shops at Norterra at the end of the year!

How to participate:

1-      Shop or Dine at a participating merchant or restaurant location at The Shops at Norterra….SAVE YOUR RECEIPT!

2-      Log in, on your smartphone , to

3-      Then follow the instructions to Log your receipts.

That’s it….

There are other ways to gain points for Norterra Canyon. Simply LIKE their Facebook and FOLLOWing them on Instagram page earns Norterra Canyon 500 Points, if you make sure to mention “Norterra Canyon School” in the comments.

You can also drop receipts off at Norterra Canyon School’s Front Office, where we’ve placed a bucket for your receipts that you’re unable to Log yourself…we’ll take care of those for you!

Buying a new Big Screen TV at Best Buy, or a single cookie at Panera??? Receipts for any and all purchases, BIG OR SMALL…they all count toward our Points Total.

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              ↑ CLICK HERE TO LOG YOUR RECEIPTS ↑    

       CLICK FOR SHOPS AT NORTERRA FACEBOOK PAGE